Cambridge Data Systems

Cambridge Data Systems
Web-enabled database systems


Cambridge Data Systems was estabished in 1997 to develop and deploy a web-enabled database infrastructure to provide affordable, effective, and customized web-based databases for consulting firms, international assistance organizations, professional associations, and others.

After 17 years in business, Cambridge Data Systems has recently ceased operations.  

We are looking for a buyer of our technology.  The ideal purchaser would be a company which would like to host customizable databases for its clients.  

The technology enbales the owner to offer a cloud-based solution to enterprises and organizations which want:

  1. The public or members to be able to register, upload documents, and develop profiles;
  2. Staff to review registrants, and approve or reject them;
  3. Accepted registrants to get regular reminders to update their information;
  4. The public or internal staff members to search the database of registrants, with profiles of registrants who match the search criteria appearing on-line, with live links to CVs, audio demo tapes, video presentations, etc.
If you are potentially interested in purchasing our technology, please contact us at We will be happy to provide a demo of our system for you.

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